Saturday, August 21, 2004

Pemberville Stomachs "Fair Factor"
By Elizabeth A. Shack, The Toledo Blade, August 21, 2004

As if chowing down on live worm pizza and bobbing for meat out of toilet bowls weren't bad enough, most contestants who return for the final round of Pemberville [Ohio] Free Fair's "Fair Factor" competition tonight could face something even more disgusting.

The competition, added as a new twist to this year's free-admission fair, is based on the NBC show Fear Factor, in which contestants are covered in roaches or spiders, locked in coffins, or made to eat live snails, among other stunts.

"We wanted to bring all the kids into town to have a ball," said Audra Headley, owner of the Front Street Cafe in Pemberville and one of the event's organizers.

Mrs. Headley said there would be "a rolling contest with a ball and a foreign substance," a Dumpster dive, and an event that was on the Fear Factor television show.

The contestants weren't too concerned.

"We're daring," Katelyn said.

With all the imitation of the West that goes on in India, does that mean we are to expect shows like this to crop up there too?!

We'd be curious to know what religious leaders like the Shankaracharyas and the Imam of the Delhi Jama Masjid think about this?


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