Friday, July 02, 2004

The rivalry between two warring factions in a temple in Gondal, Gujarat reached such intensity that one group forcibly removed the idol of the other faction's deity from a sacred place. They then placed it in the open courtyard, exposing it to the rain and hail. (Akila, July 1, 2004)

Poor God!

Not to be outdone, the opponents staged an angry protest for the humiliating treatment meted out to their God. The police had to intervene.

Poor police!

We ask our "followers" if the following multiple choice question can help these poor people find a new home for their God.

Where does God reside?

1) Under the Guru's thumb

2) On the Bollywood screen

3) In the businessman's pocket

4) In the cabinet minister's home

5) None of the above

Thanks for tuning in.

And God bless you!


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